Griffin is 11 weeks old

Griffin turned 11 weeks old today and we’ve had him for about a week and a half.  Puppies are a lot of work, but he is a part of us now.

The girls even picked out a house for him that is fitting.


He was announced this morning as King Griffin the First.

His paw is pretty good now and he loves to play.  We are also working with him a lot.  He is getting much better at “come” and “sit”.  When I put him up on the work table, he lets me brush him and clean his eyes with only a little protesting.  He will get used to it soon.

He is very good at going up the stairs now, and is slowly getting better at going down.

He accepts the leach a bit and will walk with you.  Walks are still a ways off, so he doesn’t see the fun in the leach yet.


He likes to play fetch:

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