January 26th, 2014 – Good Bay Bassing

First fishing day of the year in nice weather and a flurry of bay bass.


A solid January of bay bassing with nice weather.  Mainly fished the back bay with a big outgoing tide.  Headed to the flats off the pier 32 area.


We quickly got into cookie cutter bass all about 8-9″ long.  An occasional 11″+ for good measure.  For one long drift, we had a  consistent pick for about 20+ bass.  As we hit deeper water, we got a couple of lizard fish which indicated the end of the drift.  The last lizard fish was huge.

We moved over to the flats off the Navy Seal base as the tide was going to slack.  Got a few taps and then a nice halibut about 18″.  Then nothing and the tide went completely slack.  After a bit of a bay tour the wind kicked in and called it a day

Everything on small plastics.



Bay was calm and say water up to 61.8 at pier 32 and 60 at the mouth of the bay.


There was a good outgoing flow for most of the morning.  When it shut off, the bite did too.

Tides for 2014-01-26 San Diego


When the sun was out and the wind calm, it was hot.  Air temps were in the 60’s.  Some clouds rolled in that cooled it off and then brought some 6-10 knot winds around noon.


First run on serviced lower unit (water pump and gear oil).

Hours: 675.1

Burned on 2 trips: 16.6, filled 12.3

Traveled 41.7 nautical miles for an average of 3.4 nmpg.

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