I Rode a Bike Today

I rode today, and it wasn’t on the stationary trainer.

It wasn’t my road bike either, but it was great.  I rode outside with my children.

I took the cruiser out for a spin with the girls. I pulled the bike around to the front of the house and put the kick stand down. I called Katerina over and asked her what she saw. Her eyes got big and she got excited. Then Sophia came over. She got so excited!

That is when I had a little problem; one bike, one child’s seat and two excited little girls.  Ultimately, I talked Katerina into riding her tricycle while I followed her with Sophia on the bike.  We just went around the block a couple of times.  It was a lot of fun.

I felt pretty good too.  I wasn’t as weak as I thought I would be.  There wasn’t as much pain as I thought I would have, but I did have some pain.  It took a little while to get some of the base bike-handling back, but like they say, you don’t forget how to ride a bike.

I don’t think I am ready to go for a real ride again, but I think I am pretty close.  Maybe a few trips to the park first.

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  1. My Edge 605 is way better than my 720i. I rarely get interference anymore, and I love the motionbased website. I don’t know if I am going to get the 705 or not. A new wheelset first.

    I think I could have made it back onto the bike earlier, but I had a few set backs, and it takes a while for the muscle to come back. I don’t want to hurt myself on the bike because I am too weak. I’ve got enough rehab with just the knee surgery 😉 .

    Swelling… well, it took a while. Until I got a good base of muscle back, I had it a lot. The initial swelling took a month or so. I was actually impressed with how fast that went down. I have had very little swelling recently, but I have been ramping up slowly.

    All of the good cycling books talk about a month of cycling recovery for every month off, so I am still looking at another 4 months before I try to ride hard again. I plan to use the time to build a good aerobic base and burn off fat. This is a great time to rebuild lean muscles. So, you will get back, don’t rush it or you may hurt yourself with another set back. Temper your enthusiasm and you will enjoy even the casual rides when you start again.


  2. Hi Steve – I had my microfracture two weeks ago and I am also into biking (mostly mountain). I am happy to hear you are starting to ride outside again but it is also somewhat discouraging to me that it has taken so long to get to that point. I am now toning down my optimism to get in much riding this summer and will hopefully shoot for the fall. I am also a “wife professed” nerd when it comes to analyzing my rides. I currently have the Polar 720i and have been looking at the Garmin Edge 705 but will hold off on the purchase for while. If you get the 705 please post your experience. One question on the microfracture, how long was it for you before the swelling was completely down?


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