12 Weeks Along

Wednesday marked my 12th week since the microfracture surgery. It does seem like a long time ago. It also seems like I have a ways to go. I am in the doldrums of the rehab.

My progress is good, but there isn’t a lot of exciting action going on. That may be a good thing. Ultimately, I am just getting stronger and adding more stamina. I can’t go too fast, or I run risks that aren’t worth taking. If I go too fast, it also hurts more and might set me back again. So, I am just plugging along one leg lift, one pedal rotation and one step at a time.

Yes, it is boring. I would like to be doing more, but I am happy that I am where I am with minimal pain. I do feel some pain when I am stiff or I do too much, but it is getting better and I feel progress.

My next goal is to build up walking strength and stamina to make 25-30 minute walks.

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  1. I hear you on the pain and associated mental block. I know there is a certain amount of pain that means things are getting better, but I am very worried about pain meaning I am taking a step backwards.
    I am lucky to have a good physical therapist I can talk to about it. He is very supportive and has been through similar recoveries himself.
    One thing I go back to is that fact that even with a little pain, I am feeling much better than I did before the surgery.

  2. Sorry to hear you are experiencing pain.

    Unlike you, I had only sporadic pain associated with exercise that eventually brought me in for surgery. I dealt with it for almost 10-months and played golf 4 days before surgery. It was supposed to be a simple meniscus tear but when I awoke from surgery I was told it was much worse and required the microfracture surgery. No mention of that possibility beforehand, so I wasn’t mentally prepared for this rehab battle. I’m left wondering if I should have just kept putting up with the occaisional flare up of the knee cause this is much worse at this point in the process.

    I haven’t even started with PT and my next Dr appt isn’t until the end of next week………

    Thanks again for the weekly log and providing a place to vent 🙂

  3. I am 5 weeks in and was glad to find this site to get an idea of what I was in for….thank you for taking the time to do this. My Dr is allowing me to start weening from the crutches now but I am finding it easier said than done. There is pain and an associated mental block. Thanks again for the useful info and looking forward to your next entry.

  4. Crack and pop when I started walking again? It still does if I am a little stiff or swollen. My PT tells me that this is normal. I keep doing too much and get more cracking, poping and grinding.
    Over time, it is getting better and I can do more without the extra noise. That is rewarding.
    As for the MRI, my insurance isn’t so kind. My Dr. said we will look into in around the year mark. I also have a meniscus with a 50% chance of failure. He stitched it to help the microfracture.

  5. Is your Dr. having you undergo another MRI? I hit week 6 yesterday and am just not beginning the process of walking. In 5 weeks i’ll have another MRI with Dye injected into the knee to see how it’s filling. Did you knee crack and pop when you first started walking again?

    thanks for all the info – it’s been most helpful to read your entries and get a feel for what the next few weeks might hold.


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