Microfracture Surgery Recovery – Day 4

Time is moving along one knee flex at a time. The CPM machine is tirelessly bending my knee to help regain flexibility. As I sit here, it is flexing up to 83 degrees now. I barely feel it stretching. I think the swelling in my knee is coming down nicely. As my wife pointed out, “I can almost see your knee again.”

Muscle definition might not be the correct term since it seems to have already left me, but I am beginning to see some lines again. The CMP machine and some basic leg lifts seem to be going a long way to helping.

I’ve more or less stopped taking pain medication. I still take a few Advil to help with swelling, but it really isn’t for pain. I had a few short sessions of major pain yesterday, but none today. Sleeping still isn’t great, but I expect to sleep tonight based on exhaustion. I’m just not comfortable at night, so I haven’t been sleeping. When I wake, I have a lot of pain in my calf from the CPM machine. It feels like a cross between a knot and a bruise. I think it will get better as the swelling goes down.

The girls are being very good. Katerina ate lunch with her leg up on the bench, just like daddy. Sophia likes to come and turn the cold therapy machine on and off. It is kind of funny.

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